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DDD Whale Watching in Samana Bay

Best low price of $49 usd

See Humpack Whales up close with DDD!

Samana Whale Watching Tours

NEW 40 Foot Catamaran

DDD Whale Watching has a new 40 FOOT Motor Catamaran that offers a nice smooth ride on the water to see up close these giant humpback whales visiting the bay of Samana every year.

Samana Whale Watching Tours at Best Low Price with DDD

Humpback Whale jump

Humpback jumping in Samana bay (on background you can see Cayo Levantado island).
DDD gets you close to these giant mamals that visit Samana from January 15 to March 28.

Humpback whale tail in Samana bay - Best Whale Watching Excursions in Samana

Giant tail of an Humpback

Watch these magnificient mamals execute their mating rituals in the warm waters of Samana bay where they frolic and mate and give birth to their babies. An incredible natural spectacle!

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Avenida La Marina 
(Main dock of Samana)
Santa Barbara de Samana


Phone: Owner DAN +1 (849) 631-0934